Predator Gaming is Acer's gaming computer brand, offering cutting-edge technology for gamers.


We created an extraordinary sweepstake on Father's Day for Predator Gaming Turkey that we targeted the audience between the ages of 13-30 and their fathers. We designed our “My Father is My Best Playmate” Project for the fathers who are familiar with the game culture. We have produced a video that kids teach their fathers to play games by adding external sounds in-game images of games such as CS: GO, League of Legends, Warzone, FIFA. Meanwhile, fathers' reactions and being amateurs on gaming made us laugh. At the end of the video, maybe they are not good players, but they can be with a little effort. Because they are the most paternal figure in our life. And that is because our fathers are our best playmates. That was how we gave our message by saying that. Briefly, by our video, we got more than 430 thousand reaches, more than 143 thousand views, and more than 3 thousand likes.

  • Client:

    Predator Gaming/Acer

  • Collaboration:


  • Date:

    June 2020

  • Our Services:

    3D Video, Social Media Advertising

  • Customer Relations Management:

    Ömer Çakallı

  • Digital Strategy:

    Ömer Çakallı

  • Design / Animation:

    Alara Çelik, Hüma Çancı

  • Copywriter:

    Osman Turan Barbarosoğlu

  • Project Management:

    Bartu Baltacıoğlu