The thrill of FIFA World Cup 2018, the biggest football organization of all time, was in Bomonti-ada with Adidas! The event was a nonstop entertainment from the very beginning to the end of the final game and the cup ceremony, and it was organized by CPM - An Event Idea - with the major names in Turkish football and media partners Socrates and Tribün Dergi. Viewers enjoyed the show with sports press, watching the games with celebrities, freestyle football shows, snacks, Play Station FIFA games that they cannot find elsewhere.

  • Client:

    adidas Türkiye

  • Date:

    June, July 2018

  • Collaboration:

    CPM Istanbul
    Socrates Dergi
    Tribün Dergi
    On İletişim

  • Our Services:



We created real time content for Adidas Football Turkey during FIFA World Cup to partnered channels of Socrates and Tribün Dergi to air and delivered them to channels. We provided con-tent various areas such as general information about the cup, current situations of teams, in-stant achievements of sponsored athletes.


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  • Creative Director:

    Serkan Canberk

  • Customer Relations Management:

    Ömer Çakallı

  • Digital Strategy:

    Fırat Coşkun

  • Graphic Design:

    Bahar Ketenci

  • Video Design:

    Anıl Çepni

  • Copywriter:

    Candost Alkışlar

  • Project Management:

    Alara Saran

  • Photograph:

    Taylan Çidam

  • Director:

    Koray Arman

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