Are you ready to feel space technology on your feet? Solarboost is design for versatility and longlasting comfort. They have an upper that hugs your foot in compressive support, and a flexible outsole that adapts to your unique foot strike.

  • Client:

    adidas Türkiye

  • Date:

    May 2018

  • Collaboration:

    MCR Racestter

  • Our Services:



We recorded the entire #RunTheGoldenHour event from the midnight to the golden sunshine on 26 May 2018, Saturday. The runners from Adidas Runners Istanbul Community were invited to the event. Approximately 30 runners were provided with an incredible run and an Istanbul view. The event started in the Astronomy and Space Sciences Observatory of Istanbul University with most valuable professors of Turkey making speeches about our galaxy, planet and the space. After this 1 hour experience, Boost Experts introduced SolarBOOST to the runners. After a 15 minute presentation, the whole crew started the run at Beyazıt Square, left the ancient streets and Hagia Sophia Mosque behind and reached the coastal road to watch the sunrise. We made a commercial video of this fantastic experience and run.

We made the 30 second commercial we created for SolarBOOST #RunTheGoldenHour run in both Instagram Feed and Instagram Story formats. We shared the video both sponsored and organically on the Instagram accounts of Adidas Runners Istanbul. Thereby we provided a successful localization for a global launch and spread the message to the other passionate runners.


Our photographer Taylan Çidam did a SolarBOOST concept oriented photosoot after 26 May 2018 #RunTheGoldenHour with all of the participants. We used the photographs we took on the social media communication of both Adidas Running and Adidas Runners Istanbul.




  • Creative Director:

    Serkan Canberk

  • Customer Relations Management:

    Ömer Çakallı

  • Digital Strategy:


  • Graphic Design:

    Bahar Ketenci

  • Video Design:

    Anıl Çepni

  • Copywriter:

    Candost Alkışlar

  • Project Management:

    Alara Saran

  • Camera 1:

    Taylan Çidam

  • Camera 2:

    Emrah Yıldırım

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