Founded in 1998, the Bebeto is a worldwide Turkish brand which exports to 86 countries around the world, especially UK and MENA regions. It also stands out as a brand under the TURQUALITY program.


Bebeto Band... 6 new characters that we created to be used in global for our customer Bebeto within the scope of Turquality program… Team members will do their best to Run the Fun and will pursue different adventures to reach Bebeto soft candies in all the world markets.
The band consists of 6 different characters, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink and Purple. Each character has its own unique abilities and characteristics. Red is determined and strong, Blue is smart and assured, Green is mischievous and practical, Yellow is timid and cute, Pink is ornate and dreamer, Purple is clumsy and crazy.
In order to reach Bebeto candies in their adventures, the team, which has to cross different parkours, needs to cooperate continuously due to their small sizes.
The fact that the whole process of the characters and commercials from the creating to the launching is carried out by us and this makes us so proud.
We would like to know that we will meet in new adventures while expressing that we enjoyed high doses of each stage of this process.

  • Client:

    Bebeto / Kervan Gıda

  • Collaboration:


  • Date:

    Ekim 2019

  • Our Services:

    3D Video, Social Media Advertising

  • Creative Director:


  • Customer Relations Management:

    Ömer Çakallı

  • Digital Strategy:

    Ömer Çakallı

  • Graphic Design:

    Bahar Ketenci, Taha Öztaş, Alara çelik

  • 3D Production:

    Fraktal Medya Yapım

  • Copywriter:

    Candost Alkışlar, Murat Önal, Osman Turan Barbarosoğlu

  • Project Management:

    Alara Saran, Sercan Karakurt

  • Director


  • Cameraman: