Bu Gençlikte İŞ Var! is a program founded in 2011 in order to subsidize college students to en-courage them to have a creative point of view, be brave for entrepreneurship and it involves all kinds of things they may need such as networking, mentorship from the very beginning.

TUSIAD BU Gençlikte İŞ Var started as a business mind competition and over time it is renewed with enterprising reflexes and arranged for the needs of the youth. TUSIAD Bu Gençlikte İŞ Var! turned into an entrepreneurship program in 2018-19, supporting young entrepreneurs with all kinds of things through many processes like Entrepreneurship Camp in 2015-2016 and TUSIAD Entrepreneurship Club in 2017 season.

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    September 2018

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We created the main slogan “İşin rengi değişti” and “Main Image” for TUSIAD Bu Gençlikte İŞ Var!
Which turned into a entrepreneurship program from a competition.



  • Creative Director:

    Serkan Canberk

  • Customer Relations Management:

    Ömer Çakallı

  • Digital Strategy:

    Fırat Coşkun

  • Graphic Design:

    Bahar Ketenci

  • Video Design:

    Anıl Çepni

  • Copywriter:

    Candost Alkışlar

  • Project Management:

    Onur Kara

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