With 848 salons in 36 cities of Turkey largest cinema chain is Cinemaximum.

Cinemaximum Hellboy Promotional Project

Cinemaximum aimed to reach the young audience following the gaming world for the Hellboy film, which will be released in April. In line with this brief, we developed a Youtube project with MuratAbiGF, one of the people closely followed by our target audience.

Cinemaximum Hellboy Case Video

We included a culture known and loved by our target audience as cosplay. And the we turned MuratAbiGF(Youtuber) into a hero of the film by making Hellboy makeup. Then we went to the streets of Istanbul to promote our film with him. We chatted with people, surprised them. We went to the movies and sold tickets to Hellboy. Our video was uploaded to MuratAbiGF Youtube channel and reached more than 500 thousand views.

  • Client:


  • Date:

    Ocak 2019

  • Collaboration:


  • Services

    Strateji Reklam Tasarım İçerik


  • Creative Director:


  • Client Relationship:

    Ömer Çakallı

  • Digital Strategy:


  • Graphic Design:

    Bahar Ketenci, Taha Öztaş, Alara çelik

  • Video Design:

    Anıl Çepni

  • Copywriter:

    Candost Alkışlar, Osman Turan

  • Project Management:

    Alara Saran

  • Y. Yönetmen